David Carson Shaw

Pereunt et imputantur!
(How the hours fly and are lost!)

David's work is primarily concerned with aspects of landscape and the built environment, with changing moods through the seasons. He is also very interested in relationships of people, fauna and flora in these environments. David's paintings can only sometimes be identified with particular places, but they are all to a greater or lesser extent based on directly observed experience or the memory of an experience.

The paintings are mostly tranquil, but elements in them reflect content which may be mysterious, spiritual or allegorical.

Stillness pervading some of the work at all times includes aspects of movement — changes in weather, e.g. lifting or approaching hazes, light and wind. The movement of people and other presences complement these changes.

Much of David's recent work has been influenced by visits and experiences in the Peak District, Scotland, Italy, China and India. In general terms, his paintings aim to portray a sense of permanence and happiness, yet with an awareness of time passing.