Teresa Rubio: Biography

Born in Mexico City in 1960, Teresa Rubio has been studying philosophy and culture of India since 1984 by means of courses and workshops in Mexico, the United States and India.

She has spent long periods of time in Europe over the past two decades. This has allowed her to further develop her artistic education through courses, workshops and visits to exhibitions, art galleries and museums.

She has participated in several visual arts workshops in Mexico, most notably at the ateliers of teachers Oscar Bachtold, Victor Guadalajara, Jorge Salort, Huascar Taborga and Roger Von Gunten. Her art falls within the realm of abstract expressionism and uses different techniques such as watercolour, tempera, acrylic, collage, oil and encaustic.

About the Exhibition

This collection was created mainly during my stay in Grey College, Durham and Paris (from Autumn 2012 to Spring 2013). There are also some works created in Mexico last year. The exhibition reflects my searching for inner silence, a search for expressing inner experiences of wonder, peace and joy. This is why the Exhibition theme is “Searching for Inner Silence”.

At times the inspiration comes from being in contact with nature and a great sense of expansion, perfection, unity and silence that comes with it; other times inspiration comes from an experience of deep connection with myself, from a place of inner silence.

Light, space, colour and form... they all blend within the abstraction to express the profound and intimate experience of my inner connection with God.