Terence Bennett

Terence Bennett's painting displays a passionate, almost mystical relationship with landscape. His work reveals a deep and intuitive understanding of the beauty and power of the natural world.

His oil painting is applied with a sensitive and sensuous energy which reflects the elemental forces that interplay with light and shade in ever-changing patterns. Vast spaces, often with small, fragile buildings that seem to defy the forces of change around them, capture the 'spirit of place' of northern moorland.

His watercolours show a delicate handling of the medium in the best British tradition of understatement. There is a delicacy of observation that has a masterly structure underlying the iridescent light illuminating the paper, and informs mists of land and sea.

Taken as a whole Terence Bennett's oils, drawings and watercolours testify that this painter is at the height of his powers of expression; the culmination of fifty years of creative hard work.