Hassan Meshkinfam: Artistic Activities


Performs in the play Genius along with the Shiraz Contemporary Theater.
Performs in the play Siavash bar Baad.
Wins first place in Fars Art Competition.

1981 Establishes the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Shiraz and serves as its director.
2000 His exhibition of watercolors, drawings and photographs was presented at the Goteborg Town Council Hall (Stadsbyggnsdskontor) and at Goteborg Betlehemskyrkan in Sweden.
2001 Exhibition of Meshkinfam’s poetical works (The Rising Moon) at the Gallery of Contemporary art, Shiraz.
Publication of the album Poetical Works.
2002 Invited for the opening of an exhibition of his poetical works (The Rising Moon) at the Fenix Gallery in Goteborg and later at the Vision Gallery in Bonn.
2003 Graphic designs on display at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Shiraz.
Display of Meshkinfam photographs at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Shiraz.
Establishes The Meshkinfam Museum of Art in Shiraz.
2004 Display of Meshkinfam works of art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan.
Display of Meshkinfam art in Estahban, Fars.
2005 Publication of the first Tribal Calendar of Iran with a display of the art work of Bijan Bahaduri Kashkuli.
Creation of a Calnder for Estahban with the photographic works of Muhammad Hassan Kashfi, a native photographer of Estahban.
2006 Display and commemoration of the works of the late artist, Maestro Muhammad Ali Shivaei at the Meshkinfam Museum.
Display and commemoration of the works of the celebrated Ashraf al-Kutab Arsanjani Familyof Calligraphists at the Meshkinfam Museum.
Creation and publication of a calendar representing 12 contemporary artists of Fars.
2007 Invitation to join a group of artists on the night of Yalda in the Shiraz House of Artists.
2008 Visits Sweden and tours the museums in Gothenburg and Stockholm.
Publication of his calendar representing photographs of Old Shiraz and an album of Shiraz throughout the ages (2 volumes).
2009 Meshkinfam interviewed in the Journal Tandis where he is credited and introduced as a reputable contemporary artist (No. 152).
2010 Publication of a large wall hanging calendar with Meshkinfam paintings.
Publication of the bilingual text in English and Persian with Dr. Gholam Vatandoust: The Meshkinfam Museum of Art, The First Private Museum of Visual Arts in Iran.

Meshkinfam’s works now decorate private and public collections in Iran, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Japan, the United States and France.